Free books

Our extensive English library is open to any local resident. We just did a major reorganization and found about 100 duplicates of very popular novels; Rankin, Ludlum, Brown, Crichton et al. Come grab em for free.

Wine Party

Our local Sommelier will be running a seminar and wine tasting on March 19th from 6 pm at Mikes House. Reservations are needed. 3000 yen.
We’ll have a little party afterward for those who want to stick around.

Eiken 2 kyu

Congratulations to Kaz for passing the second level Eiken test with a perfect interview score. That’s right, 33/33 points.
Not bad for a first year junior high school student.


School’s out for the summer. Well, Aug 13 to 16th anyway. And a big welcome to our new very high level junior high school students Kaz and Shuntaro. You guys rock the English!