Free books

Our extensive English library is open to any local resident. We just did a major reorganization and found about 100 duplicates of very popular novels; Rankin, Ludlum, Brown, Crichton et al. Come grab em for free.


Some seriously highbrow stuff has entered the library.
THINKING, FAST AND SLOW by Daniel Kahneman
CLOUD ATLAS by David Mitchell

New Books

Thanks to Rebecca and Jordan for a whole whack of new books including;

David Baldacci

Neil Gaiman

John Irving

Stephen King

Stieg Larsson

and many many more.

New Classic Books

The Woodlanders        T Hardy

For Whom the Bell Tolls        E Hemingway

After 20 Years        O Henry

The Pearl        J Steinbeck

The Scarlet Letter        N Hawthorne

Sons and Lovers        D H Lawrence

Wuthering Heights        E Bronte

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde        R L Stevenson

David Copperfield        C Dickens

New books (Japanese writers)

Shank’s Mare    Jippensha

Snow Country   Kawabata

The Sound of Waves   Mishma

The Wild Geese   Mori

Geisha in Rivalry   Kafu

The Hunting Gun   Inoue

Makioka Sisters   Tanizaki

Some Prefer Nettles   Tanizaki

New stuff

Hello to Akiyo and greetings to Umberto Eco and Sherlock Holmes, who have already settled into their new home on the second floor. Don’t forget, you can scan our library collection by clicking on the library link at the right.


The rather unlikely combination of Salinger, Ichiro and Stu Hart have joined the library. Thanks to serial contributors Matt and Jeff. (Not to be confused with Mutt and Jeff).